I love talking about the future. Futuristic is my greatest strength, which means I find pleasure in thinking about future things. Not only am I excited about the future, but also I encourage others around me by what I see in the future. I have the ability to look down the road for direction. I try to communicate a mental picture of the future for others who may meet with me. I need time to think and communicate my ideas though. Looking at materials that will help foster my creativity motivates me. I would be a great asset to any planning committee because I love planning long-range goals. I also work well with others when they show an interest in hearing my ideas about the future.

Another strength is called a maximizer, which means excellence is the goal for personal growth and group health. The only standard to be set is taking something okay and making it great. I am good at maximizing things that work and spending time trying to figure out how I can get more performance out of it. I am relational and like helping the ministry by using my abilities in practical ways. Helping in this way can be an advantage to the greater good of the ministry because I will pay close attention to details about ways to better it.

My next strength is being strategic, which means that I will look around at a problem and find the best route to proceed. In most situations, I am quick to find any issues or even patterns that may arise. I am also able to see problems that may arise in the future. Once I see those problems, I am able to come up solutions that could be valuable input for the ministry. I am good at coming up with strategies that are in the ministry’s best interests. I enjoy being part of a team. I find being on a planning team very rewarding.

My fourth strength is as an activator. With this strength, I like action. I am quick to act and don’t favor ideal talk. I like to share my goals and ways to improve my situation for the benefit of everyone involved. I enjoy starting new things. Not only do I enjoy starting something, but I find satisfaction in implementing it too. I like to be involved in the key areas of operation. I am encouraged by my supervisor’s input. I find a lot of reward helping another department be more productive too. It motivates me to help because we will see results when the task is completed. I’m not much of a complainer though, so when I do complain about something it would be nice for others to listen. I have the company’s best interest in mind. I will only speak up if I feel it is important to do so. I work hard to get others to commit to the ministry. I am a team player. I am quick to act in order to succeed so long drawn out planning and strategic meetings discourage any creativity that may come about.

My strength as a Learner is last, but certainly not least. It actually keeps me motivated. I want to learn as much as I can in order to improve. I love learning. I care more about the process of learning rather than achieving an outcome from learning. Staying up on an area that changes often energizes me. I love learning the new trends of ministry because it challenges me to stay competent. I am enthusiastic and ready to learn new information. I desire to stay at the top of my area of expertise. I will learn as much as I can to better my area of ministry too. I don’t desire to be promoted or move up the leadership ladder, but rather help team out with knowledge that I might obtain. It’s my desire to be the best at my trade. I want to be an expert at what I do. I welcome continued education in my field of choice too. The best way I will learn is by teaching others what I know.

In conclusion, I am one who looks to the future. I will find strategies that will help the team move towards that future. I will look for ways to help the overall mission. I am a person of action. I will do whatever I can to accomplish the task set before me. I love the process of learning as well.


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