Putting Paperwork before Peoplework

Finzel, Hans. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. Colorado: Nexgen, 2000

Chapter 2: Putting Paperwork before Peoplework: Confessions of an Obsessive-compulsive


In chapter 2, Finzel, shows the difference between those who think of people as interruptions and others who are driven to meet the needs of fellow workers. He successfully demonstrates that this is a leadership flaw. It’s a fault that is worthy enough to make it runner-up to the number one position. How one view relationships is a determining factor on how a leader leads. There comes a point in that leadership that “role expectation” (p. 42) comes into play. That is when boundaries have not been set. When those lines are clear then the leader can best lead those who are following, which should solve any conflicts of communication.

Communication is a key to making a relationship work. It has a tremendous amount of influence on leadership. At the core of those relationships are people. Leadership is all about working with people. That is priority number one for the leader. The best example of that was how Jesus worked with those who followed Him.

Jesus spent His ministry time with people. He served them and made them His main concern. Jesus was still able to come and save mankind without losing sight of meeting the needs of mankind. He was able to stay on task and love people too. It is important for leaders to set the paper aside and focus on leading people rather that pushing the paper.


This was probably the hardest chapter for me to read. I found myself trying to read this chapter at home while my family was fighting for my attention. I actually wrote about the experience in my journal. That night I was so task-oriented on reading the chapter that I forgot about the people in my family. I also, found that one of my strengths came into play while reading this chapter. That strength is activator because I don’t like to be judged by others and I like to make a decision and take action once a decision is made.

I too am German like the author. I find myself being driven by tasks. I pray that the Lord will teach me to be patient with people. I also ask for forgiveness of Him if I have lost sight of my true purpose as a leader. This was a very difficult chapter for me to read because of my personality. I will spend more time in this chapter in the future.

What I Have Learned:

I have learned that I need to be people-driven like Christ and less paper-driven in my leadership.


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