No Room for Mavericks

Finzel, Hans. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. Colorado: Nexgen, 2000

Chapter 4: No Room for Mavericks: They Bring Us the Future!


A Maverick is an individual who is gifted with the ability to create and formulate something into existence. While having a go-getter attitude, these personalities find support at the beginning of something created, but soon find they are fighting for a job after a short time. The natural entrepreneurial qualities of a maverick seem to be a born trait for most.

Trying to survive, as a maverick in the organization is usually a difficult undertaking because many other personality types do not work well with them. They may threaten others because of their individuality. On the outside they don’t look like a team member, but in actuality they are. Beyond the birthing stages of an idea and implementation that idea, many do not know what to do with this type of person. During the beginning point this person may seem superhuman because of their giftedness to create things.

Just after a few years, those who Jesus threatened with his nonconforming ways of ministry eventually killed him. As a maverick, Jesus endangered the old system that was in place for generations. His very being aggravated the non-maverick types. His personality attracted crowds throughout his ministry, but eventually the crowds of people who followed him would leave him. It seemed every generation throughout the Bible, God created mavericks to help keep His children in check.


I found comfort reading this chapter. I am a maverick. I wish I had read this chapter when I was younger. It would have helped me through the awkward moments in my life when I would be in a room with every other personality type except a maverick. Throughout my life, I have struggled to fit in with others. Through prayer and some close friends, I have maintained a bit of sanity. Many times I have been driven to tears of frustration because I am a maverick.

I took many notes from this chapter. This chapter kept me mesmerized because it resonated with my soul. It affirmed who I am in Christ. I am grateful to Hans Finzel for writing a chapter like this. He brought some closure to some hurtful areas in my life. Places that have made me who I am, but extremely difficult to have gone through. Situations in my life should never have happened the way they did. Unfortunately, many of those times happened within the walls of the church most often in the office of a fellow pastor in ministry.

What I Have Learned:

I have learned that is okay to be whom God created me to be whether others like it or not.


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