Communication Chaos

Finzel, Hans. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. Colorado: Nexgen, 2000

Chapter 7: Communication Chaos: Singing off the Same Page in the Hymnbook.


There is an assumption here in this leadership trait. That assumption is that the leader knows everything and everyone else knows absolutely nothing. The breakdown described is when the word communication is not in the group’s vocabulary. The leader has a great job of staying involved with the group of individuals. In order for the leader to lead successfully, he or she must be fixated on making communication top priority. To accomplish this they must make a few things clear to everyone.

The leader must first know where they are going in order to lead. His or her leadership goals and values must be clear to everyone. They must not only talk about these areas, but they must have them written down. The leader must use all means possible to communicate their thoughts to the workers. The why, what, where, when and how of leader’s heart, mind and soul must be known in order for a successful journey. There are four areas that need to be made clear.

What the group believes need act as their blueprint. Next there needs to line of supervision in place. After that is accomplished diagrams must drawn and displayed for all to see. Lastly, everyone must know their part and where they fit in the big picture. If these things do not happen then there is “communication chaos.”


This chapter reminded me of the time I spent in the military. Everything we did had a purpose. It worked that way because there were clear guidelines for everyone to follow. There were standard operating procedures to follow. We never deviated from those guidelines. There was a manual for everything that needed to be done. Since everything had a plan it kept most things in order. When there is order there is not much room for chaos.

I know what chaos looks like when it happens, but at times need some help preventing it. This chapter is very appropriate for my life as a leader. This will be one of those chapters that I will study the rest of my life. I thought this was an excellent chapter. The author again has a great way of giving solutions for problems. That to me is an example of a great leader, teacher and author.

What I Have Learned:

I learned that chaos in my life could have been solved with clear communication in my leadership ability.


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