The Unseen Killer of Many a Leader

Finzel, Hans. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. Colorado: Nexgen, 2000

Chapter 8: Missing the Clues of Corporate Culture: The Unseen Killer of Many a Leader.


The customs of any environment are known as the system. Within that organization are values. Those values are its lifeblood; they are at the very core of its being. Societies are made upon these principles. Most times the select few are privileged to know these values, but any outsider or newcomer remain uninformed of such knowledge.

Some top management and leadership can use this information and with hold it from others just because it gives them power and control. This can happen in more places than just a business or organization. The author points out it can happen when two people get married, in a church and even in relationships just to name a few. The way to communicate this core information to all is through statements.

In the book, they are referred to as “Corporate Value Statements” (p. 144). When everyone is familiar with the core belief then cohesion is created. Also, a movement is formed and work can be done. Some great word pictures were given at this point in the book. They work like an adhesive that keeps the entire environment together. There is also a magnetism that catches the attention of all parties involved. Lastly, they work like a straight edge that can determine growth and productivity.


If I would go back and rename these chapters, I would name this one the missionary mandate. As soon as I started reading this chapter, I immediately started thinking of the mission field. It is imperative for those going to work in the mission field to know their culture. That would be the very first thing to study. The unfortunate part takes place in some traditional churches I seen here in the United States where the see this type of language as big business America. They look at the big successful churches as selling the gospel to whomever, but forget the very nature of Christ was to save the sinner.

The church can adopt some thoughts from the corporate world such as looking at the environment in the church and welcome sinners into their church. The Christian leader must look at their congregation and ask if they have a country club mentality or is it a welcoming place for nonmembers. Sensitivity to this idea seems to be a biblical view of doing ministry.

What I Have Learned:

I have learned that Christ ministered to His culture and because He did the world will never be the same.


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