Focus on the Future

Finzel, Hans. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. Colorado: Nexgen, 2000

Chapter 10: Failure to Focus on the Future: Prepare Yourself, It’s Later than You Think.


In this last chapter, Finzel focuses on the future. He observed that the future is racing towards us at top speed. A leader cannot look back at where they have been, but rather look forward. In order for the leader to embrace the future they must be able to see clearly ahead. Establishments must grow with each generation for it to still exist.

Leadership is about seeing things that others normally pass by. Leaders must be able to visibly glare into the future and know which direction to lead. Leaders are a lot like the early settlers who traveled West of the Mississippi River in search for new future. They pave the road for others to walk. Not only does a leader need to see clearly into the future, but also they must adapt. Adaptation is a must for any leader. Change seems to be the only constant. If a leader willfully cannot adapt they will soon become archaic. Just like the dinosaurs; leader can become extinct.

In order to survive, the author gives some suggestions. He suggests examining one’s foresight. The group’s muscle must be made known along with their flaws must be determined. Finding what it is good at and not good at should set the group’s focal point. Lastly, it should know its boundaries and limitations.


I enjoyed this chapter because again it was in tune with my number one strength of being a futurist. I can see how a leader who is not strong in seeing down the road could have a hindrance in their leadership style. If that happens to be the case, that leader could learn a thing or two from this chapter. It was a great read because it resonated with my soul.

I had the most fun reading this last chapter. Being a visionary, I can get lost in my dreams as I set off into another world in my head. I found myself drifting away while reading about this 10th mistake that leaders make. I don’t think I learned anything new here, but more just comforted to know that who I am as leader is a strength whereas this area is a weakness for others. I don’t say that to be mean, but for most of my life I have felt like an outsider in most environments I have been in. It is nice for a change to feel included into Hans Finzel’s company!

What I Have Learned:

I have learned that I need to continue focusing on the future and lead the way God created me to lead.


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