The View – by faith not by sight

In chapter 1, “The View – by faith not by sight” I will start the discussion of faith and how it is important to me. The mountain comparison in the introduction is a metaphor and related to my struggle of faith. I’ll likely talk about the history of Hebrews 11, better known as the “Hall of Faith,” as well. I will attempt to make the connection between man’s relationship with God and how mountains played a major role in the interactions.

Here is a sample from a section I wrote on relationships:

“When I was 13 years old, a friend helped me write the music to accompany some lyrics I had written. He then recorded it so I could sing it in church. I didn’t play guitar very well, but I had these words that I wanted to put to music. A friend of mine composed the music. I met with my friend Bob Ojeda one day and sang the words to him. Just from hearing me sing gave him an idea of how the song might go. He had me write the words out on paper so he could work on it when I wasn’t around.

It only took him about a week to write it. He called me and told me that he not only put the song to music, but also was able to teach it to his brother who played bass guitar and a friend who played the drums. They got together and practiced the song and recorded it on a tape (remember those) for me because he knew that my goal was to sing this song in church.

I was just getting into music at the time. I felt the Lord leading me into music. I wanted to do something for God so I started singing. I didn’t really want to learn other people’s music instead I wanted to write my own. With Bob’s help he was able to start me off in that direction.

I did sing that song called Free To Be in church a couple of weeks later and everyone loved it. Not only did I sing it that day in church, but also I was able to sing that song at my grandfather’s funeral the next year. It really helped my confidence because I wanted to be good at something and I started thinking that music would be the area in my life that I would be able to serve the Lord and be good at doing something.

Doing music like this seemed to fill a void in my life. The void I felt was caused by trying to fit in with others. It seemed that the people who fit into the crowd were those who special talents. I wanted God to help me with this because I wanted to help others. I wanted to continue writing music and singing because it helped me fit in.”


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