The Cost – developing endurance

PART 2 – The Spiritual Mountain

  1. The Cost – developing endurance

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials,  for we know that they help us develop endurance. NLT – Romans 5:3


“I learned to endure while running track. With help of my track coach, I learned to run and never quit. After running track since 7th grade, I was told to run hurdles during my senior year. My first race running hurdles I fell over the first hurdle. I remember getting up and thinking about finishing the race. I was embarrassed. I had a choice quit and be disqualified or face the crowd and finish the race. I chose to endure. I got up and completed the race set before me. Even though my ego was hurt, I did however gain a wealth of knowledge from that experience. I learned a lot from sports, but it was the lessons I learned off the track that had the most impact on my life.

Probably the most significant year of high school was my senior year. The student body had voted for me to fill the student council president position. In addition, they voted for me to be crowned football homecoming king. However, nothing compared to what I learned from the graduation honors ceremony…”

Learning to endure is the first step to survival. It takes disciplined-determination to conquer any hurdle. Hurdles are like mountains; Life is full of them. They are there. You can overcome them. Even if you have fallen over one you can get up and continue moving forward. There is a race set before you. You must get up and continue enduring through the pain and disappointment. It will get better. Finish the race.

What hurdle are you learning to endure right now?


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