The Conditioning – developing strength


Chapter 4: The Conditioning – developing strength

And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. NLT – Romans 5:4


I started as a Cub Scout at 5 or 6 and ended up with the Eagle Scout Award in December 1988 with my court of honor held in 12 days before my 16th birthday in March 1989. I’m still proud to carry my Eagle Scout card with President Ronald Reagan’s signature on it. Reagan was just finishing his 2nd term in office when I completed the requirements for Eagle Scout. I’m grateful to have grown up with him as our president  because of his character.

In her book, “When Character Was King,” Peggy Noonan wrote about her experience working on staff of the late president. In scouting though, I learned about having values and knowing when to step up to lead, which was why I probably looked up to President Reagan. He was able to accomplish some monumental things during his presidency. For example, being instrumental in the Berlin Wall falling and ending the Cold War. I regret not having met him in person before he died.

Who will regret never having met you after you’re gone?