But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. NLT – Romans 5:8

I have been called by God to be who He wants me to be. Unfortunately, my mind does the driving whereas my heart sits idling. My ambitions get in the way. In his book, Ordering You Private World, Gordon MacDonald addressed the issue of bringing order to your private life. He started off by telling of the day his world came crashing down. He discussed a time in his young pastorate that he had to deal with the disorder in his life. He subscribed, “The order of my private world is an inside-out matter, not an outside-in matter “(p. 9). People try to fill their outer life with things to help them simplify their inner beings, but the proper way is to start on the inside. The outside is affected by the status of the inner private chambers of a person’s life. Order must be obtained through a process of slowing down and learning to breathe. It is an ongoing process. It takes time to accomplish it.

For example: there was order in the Garden of Eden before sin. There was no reason for quick fixes. Many people today try to fast track through life in order to grow spiritually. There is no easy or fast track to grow closer to the Lord. It takes time and patience. There is a time in each person’s life when he or she must ultimately deal with being alone with the Lord. It is the time to come to terms with who they are. There is no hiding from God at that point. One of the first signs that Adam and Eve had brought disorder to their lives was shortly after they ate from the fruit they hid from God (Genesis 3:10). They became separated from God because of sin. Are you hiding from the Lord? If so, why?

Living the way God intended life to be lived there is no reason to hide from the Lord. People do not need anything from the outside world to help them grow in the Lord. Each person has an inner place where He can be heard. It is the place that should bring comfort. However, many fear that inner place.



  1. Trisha Morningstar

    I like this a lot. I was thinking about this while at Church Christmas morning. The sanctuary was so beautiful. The old dark ornate wood work, stained glass windows and so much detailed metal fixtures. I thought how sweet it would be to be there alone with God in such a place. I think the surroundings made me think of the reverence I should have for God. It was evident that the builders took great time and effort to make everything pleasing to Him. I find it hard to spend time with God in my surroundings that are so worldly and designed to honor me and make me comfortable.

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