“…since we have been made right in God’s sight…” NLT –Romans 5:1a

I did not plan on attending college after graduation, but instead planned to tour with a band from Florida after graduation. I decided not to go to the Honor’s Assembly because I knew I wouldn’t receive any scholarships since I didn’t apply for any. When one of my teachers, Ms. Kelly, found out she insisted I attend. Her persistence won and I told her I would attend. Nothing will ever replace the smile on her face as a result of me attending. Honors night, I sat through a couple of hours watching my fellow seniors receive scholarship after scholarship. Finally, the last item of the night would conclude the ceremony. The principal walked to the podium, paused a moment, and proceeded to introduce the main award for a graduating senior. He explained that every year, the administration and faculty got together to consider a student who stood out from all others. It was not based on senior year alone, but included all 4 years of high school. After a bit more explaining, he stopped and announced that the “Citizenship Award” for the graduating class of 1991 would go to Steve Morningstar. I was beside myself. I was completely shocked. Being voted as football homecoming king was as honor, but this award came from adults who had watched us students throughout high school. I never lived my life so that I could receive awards. I lived in a way that honored God, my family, and others. Still to this day, I tell my 91-year old grandmother that I live in a way that Christ wanted me to live, how she and my grandfather and father modeled, and make the family name proud. She still likes to hear me tell her that.

What do you need to do to be made right in God’s sight?


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