…we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us. NLT – Romans 5:1b

I didn’t have many friends growing up, but the ones I have had continue to be involved in my life somehow. Alan was the first childhood friend I had. Things changed a bit between us after his parents divorced when we were in middle school. He became really withdrawn and not wanting to hang out as much. About the same time, my friend Gary and I started hanging out and shared a common interest in music. He played drums and I played guitar. A local pastor, just outside of town, taught Gary, Ken, and myself how to play the guitar. He and his grown sons were instrumental in my musical development. Ken and I had similar interests in music, but also military and talking about God. His dad abandoned he and his brother when he was young. After time in a few orphanages throughout Europe, he became a Canadian citizen when his grandmother found out about he and his brother living in an orphanage in Paris, France. She lived in Ontario, Canada and was able to adopt him. After some time, she needed someone to take him in. Somehow my neighbor knew about her situation and had him come live with them. They tried to adopt him, but had issues with immigration and unable to make him a permanent part of the family. After he graduated from high school, his Student Visa expired and he was forced to move back to Canada. In December 1992, I spent the weekend with him at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada just across from Detroit, Michigan. He and Trisha were friends. He introduced us and I realized that I would one day marry her. So I did on July 16, 1994. 21 years later, we look back and wonder how it all happened. We just give it God knowing he needed us to get together somehow. He used a Dutch boy from Holland to make the connection.

It is through relationships that we learn to have peace with God. Do you have a relationship with his Son?


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