…we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us. NLT – Romans 5:1b

I really looked up to Dr. Jerry Falwell, the founder of Liberty University. He was the biggest reason I chose to attend his seminary in 2006. He was one of my heroes because he had the confidence to stand for what he believed in and acted on what he believed. I didn’t have many opportunities to talk with him, but I still remember the few times we did talk. I recently found this in one of my journals.

On Saturday, May 19, 2007, I wrote:

“We are here in Lynchburg, VA and I am about a year away from finishing my M.Div. from Liberty University. Dr. Falwell just passed away on Tuesday. His funeral will be this coming up in a couple of days. Trish and I went up to see his body after my exam on Thursday. I’ve had some crazy emotions about him passing away. I don’t know why I’ve felt the way I have. I took his passing away pretty hard. I came up with a song for him too. I recorded it and finished it last night. I attached it to an e-mail to him this morning. I wrote that I don’t know if they get e-mails up in heaven, but I wanted to send it to him just in case. It was my way of saying good-bye to someone I looked up too.”

A Man Like Jesus

His heart cried out your name Lord singing out in rhyme and reason

He loved you Lord with his life

He knew one day you’d be taking him home

We all knew he was a gift sent from You here to live

Understanding why he came

He knew one day you’d be sending him home

He was a man like Jesus obedient to God’s will

He stood in the gap with integrity

He was a man like Jesus teaching God’s word

Living and acting on what he heard

He touched our lives in the halls and in the rooms

His life’s ambition was to teach the word

For he knew one day you’d be calling him home

Now this man has gone to be in heaven with the Lord

He left behind heavenly memories

That one day we’d know you’ll be calling us home

Many students from all around have learned from this man

What it means to be alive believing in the GREAT I AM

Words and Music by Steve Morningstar.

Copyright 2007 Morningstar Music. Used by permission.

Honestly speaking, there have been times when I was bitter with the Lord. So many things in my life have made no sense. I know the Lord is always in control, so I trust Him to work in my life. It has been tough living like that though. The Bible is full of individuals who trusted God even when the world around them was changing. Reading these stories in the Bible has helped me make sense of some events. Another book that has helped me is the book called “When God Doesn’t Make Sense” by Dr. James Dobson has helped me not worry about life making sense, but rather learning to live life regardless of what comes my way. As a follower of Christ, my main responsibility is to worship God with every aspect of my life and to love others as myself (Matthew 22:37-40).

Who do you turn to when life doesn’t make sense?


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