GI Joe

I grew up playing with GI Joe action figures and pretending as if I was in the military just like my father (drafted during Vietnam) and grandfather (drafted during WWII), but never really considered joining until Spring 2002. 9/11 really affected me like it did for the rest of Americans. However, I decided that I was still young enough to do something about it and joined the Army at 29. I had my 4-year degree, but wanted to be a Chaplain. I realized enlisting, as a Chaplain Assistant would give me the enlisted experience while still being able to work in a chapel. My plan was to serve my 4-year enlistment and then get my commissioning with a seminary degree, but God had other plans.

God’s plans are always good. He never wants for us to hurt, but sometimes we do get hurt. Even then, we still need to trust God through the hurt.

What hurt are you needing to trust God through today?


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