You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. NLT – Psalm 139:13–14.

I was teaching guitar lessons while I was the youth pastor of a church in Nebraska. This 7-year old boy wanted to play the guitar. His mother contacted me and asked if I would teach him how to play. I agreed to start him with a few lessons and then I would make the decision to teach him on a regular basis. I had never taught someone so young. I was hesitant to teach him because of his age. I just thought he might be too young. After those first few lessons, I felt I would be able to do it so we started meeting together every week for a half hour. We worked through his guitar book. At first he didn’t seem to be practicing and that was making us both a little frustrated. I felt he was frustrated because he didn’t understand how to read music or play guitar. I didn’t feel confident in my abilities to teach someone so young. One day, I figured out that he was having trouble with the guitar his grandfather owned. It was just too big for him. I had an old classical guitar for him, which had nylon strings on it instead of  steel strings. I realized that his fingers were so small that he needed an easier guitar to play on. I was right. From that day he just flourished as a guitar player. When this happened, I saw his confidence level increase. I felt good about myself as a teacher because I was able to meet him at his level of understanding. I helped him learn something new. Also, teaching him how to read music helped me with my understanding of teaching music.

How to Discover Your Design

1. Subject Matter

I like to teach people new things by using my personal knowledge to help communicate ideas.

2. Motivated Abilities

I am good at discovering mine and other’s abilities while attempting new things as I identify with other’s feelings. When working with others I most often try to think things through in my mind before teaching it to someone else.

3. Circumstances

I enjoy working towards a finished goal/product. I find satisfaction having high standards. I try hard to obtain my set goals in any area of my life.

4. Operating Relations

I like having an influence on others and encouraging them to take action without managing them on a regular basis. I work well with individuals who are self motivated.

5. Motivational Payoff

If I know that my participation in another’s life will help them somehow then it is more realistic for me to naturally lead them. The rewards of influencing  an individual’s life helps motivate me.

Hopefully, this helps you discover your design.


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