O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. NLT – Psalm 139:1.

We’ve all heard it said that we can be anything we want to be, but why? Why not be who God created you to be.

Here’s what I came up with after reading Arthur F. Miller’s book Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want To Be: The Power of Uniqueness.”

My Map

I like to teach people new things by using my personal experiences to help communicate ideas to them. I am good at discovering others and mine abilities while attempting new things as I identify with their feelings. When working with others, I most often try to think things through in my mind before teaching it to them. I enjoy working towards a finished product. I find satisfaction having good standards that help me obtain a set of goals in any area of my life. I like having an influence on others and encouraging them to take action without managing. I work well with individuals who are self motivated. I work best when those supervising me allow me to work freely. I don’t work well with pressure from close supervision. Occasional staff meetings are good, but I don’t need them everyday. If I know that my participation in another’s life will help them somehow then it is more realistic for me to naturally lead them. The rewards of influencing an individual’s life helps motivate me.

  1. How Are You Motivated to Learn?
    1. By personally doing, trying, or experiencing.
    2. By practicing, repeating, memorizing
  2. To What Depth and Detail Are You Motivated to Learn?
    1. Enough to handle the matter at hand
  3. What Are the Mechanisms Through Which You Learn?
    1. Without a teacher
    2. Alone, until moderately able, then learn with others
    3. Where feedback can be delayed
    4. Where learning is fluid
    5. Where there won’t be any grading
  4. What Are the Circumstances in Which Learning Took Place?
    1. Where you learn under pressure
    2. Where you compete against a target or grade
    3. Where informed opinions are what count
    4. Where your performance will be observed by others
    5. Where the material is unique and new
  5. Why Are You Motivated to Learn?
    1. To impress/influence others
  6. What Are the Learning Outcomes You Seek?
    1. Impact on others
    2. Finished product
  7. What Are You Motivated to Learn?
    1. People and behavior

Now you’ve read mine, take the time to find yours. Ask yourself the same questions to discover how to be who God created you to be.


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