PTSD Conclusion


This blog discussed PTSD and how it affects Veterans who have suffered trauma. In this blog, PTSD was defined, symptoms were addressed, and proper treatment discussed. There is no easy fix for those who will likely deal with it the rest of his or her life. There are different theories of treatment; no one treatment will work for every Veteran. PTSD was brought to light through media exposure of the returning Veterans from the Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom—O.I.F.) and Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom—O.E.F.) wars, but it is The Department of Veterans leading the way in treatment for post-traumatic stress. Researchers continue to research the areas of the brain that are most affected by post-traumatic stress and will continue their research as the number of Veterans suffering with it increases. The findings in this blog have indicated, that more research is needed in both understanding how the brain responds to trauma and that medical treatment along with behavioral treatment further improves the lives of Veterans and their families. With all things discussed in this paper and evidences provided, it seems that as of yet, Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy is the treatment program of choice, but could be improved when it is grounded in Scripture. For now though, it is the most effective treatment for Veterans with post-traumatic stress.


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