What Is Worship?

Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.

Chapter 1: What Is Worship


The Bible is filled with worship references with different ways describing it. Many define worship through the way it can be experienced. Early in this first chapter, the author describes the basics of what worship is by quoting Psalm 100:4, which says, Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name (p. 10). That verse sets the atmosphere to not only worship him, but to give praise as well.

When a worshiper comes to the Creator there is a desire to focus all energy, thought, and concentrate on Him through the Holy Spirit. For true worship needs to be led by the Holy Spirit as it is directed towards God. Christians need to constantly learn all they can about the Bible and the working of the Holy Spirit. No one can ever assume they know everything about their faith while they stop growing in their walk with God.

Many Christians become stagnated in their journey with Christ because they stop learning. Some may never realize that God never changes or moves. Walking in that faith of worship cannot be described by words alone. Music cannot do justice to true worship either. Worship is many things. It can never be experienced alone to describe it, but is expressed in spirit and truth. It is always about the relationship humans have with the living God. In order to do that worship must become a lifestyle.


This chapter seems to take an elementary approach of describing what worship is. Most information in this chapter seems to be common knowledge. It doesn’t mean that I have it all figured out, but I just didn’t get anything new out of this chapter. Edwards is a good writer, but needs to take more time with each thought. It seems that this subject is too vast. It seems too big or general a subject to be described in a book this size. His attempt is just scratching the surface of the subject of worship.

I might have got more out of this chapter if he would have taken fewer topics to discuss and spent more time digging a bit deeper on just a few thoughts. For example: he could have spent the entire chapter on describing in greater detail about his experience attending a spirit filled church. He only touched the exterior of it.

What I Have Learned: I have learned that the worship is a huge topic and is hard to describe in a book this size.


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