Worship: A Two-Way Street

There is no end to worshiping God. What is learned here on earth is just the beginning of our experience. However, the topic of worship is best witnessed not only as a participant, but also as an observer. Getting just a glimpse of worship through the scripture is a huge undertaking, but is the best way to understand it. Describing worship as a street with traffic traveling in both directions is a great analogy or at the least a good attempt to help the reader understand what worship is.

Worshipers can witness God moving back and forth in their lives. It takes an active participation to fully connect with the movement of God. Time cannot constrain worship when it happens. No one can manufacture it. No one can really set his or her clock to its presence either. However, many Christian churches plan for it every weekend.

Those plans are man’s sinful attempt to try to make things right with the one who can forgive sins. Living a life of worship is a process though. Each and everyday, there are opportunities to meet with Christ. There is no right place, right time, or right experience to encounter a time of worship. It must simple be a part of who people are. It must be part of the very soul of mankind. People have an appetite for God to show himself. It started way back when they were conceived. It is present in a person’s very DNA.

We were created to worship and give praise to the Creator. It is in our very makeup of who we are. It is natural to seek God. It is also natural to want to be with God, but sin numbs the spiritual tendons within. I learned a bit more with this chapter. I took more of this chapter in. I found myself looking at who I am as a person. I then looked at the fact that I am Christian and thought about the things I have learned or the knowledge I have obtained from listening to other Christians or the time I’ve spent reading scripture.

I often wonder if this concept of worship is something we have been taught to think about. At times though I have been unsuccessful at understanding how to worship. Knowledge here may actually be a negative factor in my life. It has likely hindered my worship of the Creator because I think of it as a process of worship that must take place before I act.

I have learned to think less and act more when it comes to worship.


Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.


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