Worship: Hungering for God’s Presence

Many different things motivate people. Their pursuit for such things like power, prestige or any number of things can drive a person through life to find satisfaction. The question here is whether or not the pursuit of God is made. Finding God is the only way for fulfillment. Everything other than a pursuit for God causes the person to remain unsatisfied. Finding God is achieved when the individual is born again. Being born again takes place when the person surrenders their life to God.

Mankind is to do things God’s way in order to find direction for life. Like Moses, people are able to find God when he reveals himself. He only reveals himself to those who are looking for him. Worship is an action word. It can best be described as having an understanding that takes place in the mind, knowledge of, the ability to do something, recognition of others, and the skill of knowing the difference of whether something is wrong or right.

People are able to find God because he draws himself near through love for his creation. Through prayer and daily devotion to him will allow the creation to know its Creator. Many churches have people who never really know God. However they are able to say they know about him. Some know him intimately and their relationship with him demonstrates it. God will reveal himself when people walk with him and seek his presence.

Really knowing God will take a lifetime pursuit. It is a worthy pursuit too. In my own life I have tried to find God. It started when I was young. I accepted the relationship God wanted to have with me at 4 years old. Over 4 decades have gone by and I am just scratching the surface of this relationship. I love to study about God. I love to read his word. I love serving God too. With all this in mind, I often feel like I don’t really know him.

Knowing God is the challenge of taking my sinful life and worshiping Jesus who was perfect. Trying to measure up to God’s holiness will never happen, but remains a goal. I know that he allows his grace to be sufficient for my life. His forgiveness is there for the asking, but sinning and trying to worship God is about as hard as it is to mix the oil in with the water.

I have learned that I need to constantly meet with him daily.


Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.


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