Putting On Praise

This post starts a new section of understanding praise. Many try to explain worship and praise simply by trying to describe a style of music, but the Bible describes them in a much different light.

Praise is where the worshiper begins his or her day with a positive outlook. Wake in the morning speaking words of joyful adoration to Christ, rather than being negative about life. This is a choice much like deciding what to wear for the day. The participant must put on praise. It is an attitude adjustment much like a point of view or outlook. It is something that must be done and not something that is done by God. It can be as simple as using words to describe the goodness of God and simply talking to him through words.

Find a special place for prayer in the house. Go to the closet every morning and take praise off the hanger and put it on. It requires action. It is best to start each day with praise. The best way to do this is to value God. God must be loved, which requires us to love him. Again, this is a choice.

This post paints a great word picture of putting on praise. I love the description of getting dressed with praise. It is a choice. Our attitude is a choice. We are in control of our actions. As a worshiper, praise God daily. Live a life reflecting worship simply by waking up praising God.

Sin tries to fight for our attention. Choosing to praise God first thing must become a habit. Each morning, learn to praise God regardless of your circumstances.


Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.


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