The Presence and the Presents

Living where God is working is an awesome place to be. Being in the air or anywhere and having an encounter with Jesus is powerful. To explain this further, eight ideas of understanding are given about encountering the presence of God. First, the person must know where God is taking them. In a sense play follow the leader with God. Second, realize that there are other forces from the heavens that are at work. Third, God will give blessings and fulfilled promises. Fourth, rejoice in the appearance of his presence. Fifth, God will visit any place that resembles another place where he showed up. Sixth, create a symbol of that encounter. Make something that helps remember the time God showed up. Seventh, surrender something there. Eighth, people must stand with their Lord.

When all these things take place we realize that praise and worship is about Giving God what He is due. Many times God is treated like a present giver and people try to get something out of Him. Being in God’s presence is about giving something to Christ. It’s not about things that the worshiper receives. Doing that though may take people of their comfort zones.

There is a process to being in God’s presences. It’s often like someone saying that they got something out of worship. Or the other side that they didn’t get anything out of church. It has nothing to do with us. It has all to do with Jesus. If God chooses to show up at our public worship time then the goal had been accomplished. We can’t treat our times of worship as something that is for us. Rather it has to always be something about God.

Going after God’s presence means that I take my eyes off myself and think of Him for a change.


Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.


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