The Promise of His Presence

God promises to make himself known to those who seek him. Praise is like a car that goes from point A to point B. It is our transportation to being with God. There is an action of actually getting in the car in order to travel. That vehicle may be a fast car or an extremely slow and gets good gas mileage. Either one will get the worshiper there. When God is praised He will show up. When God is worshiped He will show up. It’s a promise.

God shows up on his clock. People can try to plan for it, but ultimately it is up to the Father whether He will show up or not. The worshiper must be a seeker. The seeker looks to something that they want to find. Those who seek after God will find Him. He is found because He promises He will be found. It’s a point of looking at it like a math problem.

The response of praising God and worshiping him is equal to Him revealing himself. Once He shows up then there is an encounter. At the point of that happening it now becomes the standard for their time with God and they will never forget what just happened.

I went to church as a kid hearing the preacher talk about the presence of God. He always tried to explain it to us. I never experienced the Lord in that congregation. I went to church with a longing to feel God’s presence. Even at a young age, I was hunger for God. I wanted to know Him and I expected to see him every Sunday.

It was difficult to hear about Jesus when all the time He was never welcomed to stop in. I will never forget that. As an adult whom had encountered Jesus at other places, I now pray for a ministry where God will show up and make His presence known. I don’t want just once a year homecoming time with Christ, but I want to encounter him everyday until I die.

Look for God’s presence and not settle for anything less.


Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.


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