Throne Room Encounters

The place where God sits is an amazing place to be. Here in this last section, Edwards uses one of his many songs to introduce things. His song, Breathe Your Name (p. 136) talks about praising God forever and breathing the very breath of God. There is a room where people can go to meet with the Father.

The author uses many Bible stories examples to explain his point. These people in scripture have stood the test of time, simply by wanting to hunger after God and to please Him. The prophets were great examples of individuals who had encountered God and were used to be his messengers. God used the disciples to move through his people later. The New Testament church did amazing things for God.

With God, great things happen for true worshipers. They happen because the individuals have spent time with their Savior. They knew what the Lord wants because He told them. They had spent enough time to hear from Him. Once they heard His voice they acted upon that new information.

I want God to move through me. In order for that to happen, I need to spend more time with Him. I need to approach the very throne room of God. I need to expect God to move. I also expect to hear from Him when He speaks to me. It is no mystery, God doesn’t always give us all the pieces of the puzzle. Sometimes He gives us just a piece of a time. It takes years to prepare for the task He will give.

We need to realize that He is in control. Since He is in control, we need to be aware of the challenges that we may face when we try to meet in the throne with God. Satan doesn’t want that to happen because it always backfires on Him at his expense. There is power when there is prayer. There is movement when there is the presence of God showing up.

I have learned that I must spend time with God if I expect Him to move through me.


Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.


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