The Fruit of Our Own Throne Room Encounters

The author gives a simple definition to meeting with God. He writes, that it is a time when our hearts are open to God through worshiping Him and praising Him while he shows up. There must be a clean heart present for God to work. Confession needs to be as important as prayer for the believer. When that takes place there is transformation.

God never just wants to put us in our place with our sin. Though He doesn’t want people to sin, but He does however want a changed life when it does happen. That is most important to Him. He knows that sin is real and active in the church and the life of his adopted children. He wants his children to come to Him when something bad has happened. He wants to take it away from them. When confession takes place, the healing process provides purpose in the changed life. After purpose shows it way then comes the power that all believers need to live with.

In order to be forgiven, childlike faith needs to be present. Each believer needs to act like children when it comes to approaching the throne of God. Though there is no formula for all of this to take place, but an honest heart does need to be seen. The Father wants his children to come to Him with anything and everything.

As a parent, I want my children to come to me when they are hurting. I want openness on their part. It can only take place when I as their father welcome it. I must first set the atmosphere for those relationships to work. It is more work on my part to make that happen. I see that God did most of the work by sending his Son to die for our sins.

God has a huge investment in my life. It is up to me to live with that in mind. I mess up all the time. Adam and Eve hid from God’s presence because they were afraid of their actions. I don’t want to be afraid of God. I don’t want to go hide on Him when He has to come find me. I want to be where He is.

I have learned to start treating God as my father and not a judge who I have no relationship with.


Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.


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