Power to Worship

From worship comes power. It affects the entire person. It becomes everything to the individual who participates in it. The strength that it will give the worshiper can be life changing. From Isaiah 6:1-8, the author finds five levels of converging of a worshiper and the one being worshiped. The first level is found in verses 1-4. There, a description of God is discovered. The second level is in verse 5 and it talks about the need for confession. The third found in verses 6-7 illustrates Isaiah’s need to humble himself before God. The fourth depicts forgiveness to Isaiah in the first part of verse 8. The last level is found in the second half of verse 8 where Isaiah received his call.

When one worships God, He reveals things to that individual. It doesn’t matter where the worship took place either. God is in the business of being worshiped and revealing Himself to his worshipers. For God to reveal things, worship requires active listening skills for the worshiper. It is best applied when the individual has a lifestyle to worship. When he or she actually walks and talks with Jesus. Worship can be spurred on when a couple of things take place.

An individual’s inner spirit can commune with the Holy Spirit. A person’s mind can be open to the truth of God and His Word. People’s imagination will be in tune with God as He reveals Himself there. The worshiper’s heart responds to the love of Christ. Lastly, the will of people are filled with purposes. This can happen in either private or public worship setting. God looks to make His home and His presence known where His worshipers are.

The fear here is thinking that worship takes place when all of the ingredients are in place. Worship happens whenever the Spirit of God is on the move and those looking for Him respond accordingly. It should be the worshiper’s goal to experience God and be changed from that meeting. Praise moves right along with worship. Both can happen together and happen separately. Both please God and benefit the individual giving either one.

Ultimately, worship is the result of time with God. Looking for that type of response should keep worshipers focused. It should challenge any believer to seek it. The Spirit of God moves much like a river. It has a current to it. To anyone who spends time at the water could understand that. An electrician may understand it as an electrical current. It doesn’t matter how the Holy Spirit can be explained, but rather that one is aware when the Holy Spirit is present.

I have learned to look for the Holy Spirit and be where He is.


Edwards, David M. Worship Three Sixty Five. Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2006.


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