Becoming the Kind of Person Others Want to Follow

Looking at a piece of art can inspire people to act in certain ways. A leader can do the same. To be a servant leader must be an act of God. It is not natural for a leader to be a servant. Most humans have it in their nature to be selfish. The change comes when the heart is affected to act the way God would want a leader to act. God uses some different things to help develop a leader and help them become a servant leader.

The first thing He uses is the community. The leader’s relationship with it is important. The leader must look for people who they can trust and inspire. There must be honesty in that relationship. The leader must be willing to grow with help from others.

Help from others comes in different ways. One of the ways that a leader’s character is developed is from a group of people they involve themselves. That community can be any group. The environment the person spends their time can make a difference. While climbing the character ladder, God will make different plans for different people. It all depends of the purpose needed. God will use relationships to help direct the leader.

I have always found it hard to trust people. I have a high standard in my own mind of what qualities a person must possess before I will be vulnerable with them. I have done that since I was younger. I once told a buddy something personal and he shared it with others. Since then I have been guarded. There are just a few relationships that I can be completely honest in. I treasure those relationships. This is both a benefit and a curse.

It is a benefit because I still trust some people and remain in those relationships. That still makes me interdependent. However, it becomes a setback because I may struggle with making new friendships. That struggle comes from making investments in others. Finding potential relationships is hard, but needed.

I have learned to remain open to God working through the people around me.


Thrall, Bill, McNicol, Bruce and Ken McElrath. The Ascent of a Leader: How Ordinary Relationships Develop Extraordinary Character and Influence. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1999.


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