Jesus and the New Covenant

Salvation, temple, covenant and acceptable worship are intimately linked in biblical theology (p. 108). Here the author continues to shift towards Christ in the gospels. He points out that Christ Himself was in relation to God. When Christ was tempted by the devil in the desert Christ had to make some major decisions. Satan attacked areas in Christ’s life that had to do with worship. Since Christ was grounded in Scripture, he was successful against any attack.

The author Luke starts his gospel out with Christ’s birth. After the birth story the attention is shifted to Christ’s upbringing in the Hebrew ways. He visited the temple as a young man. He started His ministry in the synagogue. He taught and used the Law of Moses as reference. Christ was in the system. He had His starting point. He knew the Word because He was the Word.

The entire worship system that was in place served Christ well. He was able to teach from any point and show that the Law supported Him. It pointed towards Him. It was created for Him. In Him was life. However, it would cost Him His life. While Jesus observed Hebrew worship He offered Himself as the final sacrifice. He was the perfect lamb for the slaughter.

I’m excited to learn about the old system pointing to Christ. My faith is growing because of this book. My heart is open to God’s word. I had trouble starting this book, but found it refreshing as I continued to read it. My faith is strengthened because of reading about Christ. I know I will be a better follower of Christ because of this book.

With most books that I read, I get excited about methods of ministry. However, I know this book is directly looking at the Word of God and explaining Christ. He is the central person in history. He is why the system of worship found in the Old Testament was created. Ultimately, our relationship with God needed the sacrificial slaughter of Christ. My life depended on it. I exist because Christ chose to die for me. He didn’t stay in the grave, but was resurrected for my freedom. It wasn’t enough for Christ to die for my sins, but rather get me out of spiritual prison. That was accomplished when He walked out of the grave alive.

I have learned to love Christ more now for the sacrifice He made for me.


Peterson, David. Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship. Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. 1992.


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