Serving God in the Assembly of His People

This chapter concentrates on passages dealing with congregational ministry and seeks to relate them to Paul’s teaching about the nature and purpose of the church (p. 195). As believers in the church age, believers follow an order of service in their local congregation. It serves them for congregational worship. Paul’s teachings help to frame in the belief in order sift through any false teachings that can make their way into a body of believers.

False teachings have been around ever since there were teachings of truth. Something false had to come from something true. Making something false takes truth and twists it into some else. Paul solidifies the message of Christ. His teachings are all about Christ. In Paul’s later life, he lived for Christ and ultimately died for Christ.

Looking to the temple in the Old Testament is much like looking at the temple in the New Testament. However, the only difference is that the Holy Spirit dwells in that temple. That temple is the person of Christ. Within a congregation the Holy Spirit can be present for worshiping God. Actually, worship would not take place unless He is present. The point of gathering in the church is to build each other up in the Lord. It is to encourage other believers to continue their walk with the Lord. It also creates a corporate worship experience.

Biblical foundation for studying worship from the point of Scripture is helping me in my own walk with the Lord. I found myself actually encouraged by reading this book because it is pointing me to the Word of God. It is having the same affect that Paul’s writings have on readers who follow Christ. I don’t say that to hold this book up to the same level as Paul’s. I only say it in that way because this book is all about Christ. Christ is the central focus of Paul’s teachings. Christ is the central focus in Peterson’s book. Hopefully, my thoughts point to Jesus.

It has been difficult working in churches because of man’s interpretation of the Bible. I don’t see the point of arguing over interpretation. I do however support weeding out any false teachings. I know that working in the church is a huge responsibility because you are dealing with a person’s belief system. If it is grounded in Christ then things will work out.

I have learned to follow after Christ and keep Him central in all I do and say.


Peterson, David. Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship. Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. 1992.


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