The Book of Hebrews and the Worship of Jesus

As Hebrews interprets the work of Christ and the response of believer, it develops a theology of the congregational gathering that has much in common with the teaching of Paul (p. 229). Many have thought of Paul as the author of the book of Hebrews. Much of the language sounds like that of Paul’s language. However, the author of the book is unknown. It was written to a group of Hebrews. The author focused on Christ through the old covenant. It gave proof of who Jesus was and why He came. The book focused on the worship of Christ by pointing out the heroes of the faith found in the Old Testament. Jesus was now the replacement for the Levitical priest. He was man’s high priest. Man could approach God openly. Man is allowed into His presence.

The blood of Jesus sealed the deal. It became the central ingredient for the faith. As God’s son, Christ was sent to fulfill the Law. He had to die as the payment for sin. He gave up His life so that man could live. He was willing to hang on the cross in order to rise from the dead. The book of Hebrews focused on Christ doing what He did for mankind.

Mankind has had a desire to draw near to God. Under the old system there was no way to do that unless one went through the high priest. Now under the new system, man can draw close to God. God is able to draw close to man because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Worship becomes an act of service to God. As people come together to worship God, they encourage each other. This creates a hope for the return of Christ.

I am grateful that someone took the time to write the book of Hebrews. Growing up, I had always assumed that Paul wrote the book. It wasn’t until I attended Bible College that I learned that he is a good candidate as the author, but there were more options of the authorship of the book.

I love reading the book of Hebrews because it helps me better understand the old system. It helps me understand what others believed and points to Christ. I am grateful that someone took the time to listen to God to pen the book in order that we can gain wisdom about Christ.

I have learned to appreciate the book of Hebrews as I study about Christ.


Peterson, David. Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship. Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. 1992.


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