Worship in the Revelation of John

Without doubt, the Revelation of John is critical for a study of the theme of worship in the New Testament (p. 261). John was allowed an opportunity that many only wish they could have. He was given the awesome privilege of what believers only dream of seeing. He was also given the responsibility that many demand for their lives.

John’s writings focus on those who false teachers who tried to manufacture a sense of God without ever considering the source. Many came into the body of believers and tried to turn them away from Christ. John on the other hand chose to believe and follow Christ. He wrote to help others know the truth. He stood on the foundation of the truth about Christ. He wrote so that we would have record to know what is false and what is true.

A major theme of the book is the distinction between true worship and idolatry(p. 264). John was able to know the difference between true worship and what others attempted to do. He knew the difference enough to teach others too. His writings serve the community of Christ’s followers who never walked and talked with Christ in person. Man is called to worship God. John gives direction on how to do that. Not only did John deal with worship here on earth, but helped believers with the heavenly worship. John was able to make a connection between heaven and earthly worship. He was able to guide others to worship.

The book of John has helped me know what is true and what is false. It has helped me know the difference. I have used John’s writings many times. It has given be a structure for truth. I believe that John’s writings serve this generation well because there is so much false with life today. Many need to read and hear the message of truth. Many are searching for truth and still look to the church for direction. However, the church is not prepared for a discussion of truth.

Many have been turned away from discussing truth with others. With the help of John’s writings, many could come to know God in spirit and in truth. John serves an excellent example of what it means to serve God. He was willing to take a stand for God and it serves us well here in this generation.

I have learned to study the book of John to help others discover truth.


Peterson, David. Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship. Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. 1992.


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