Worship and the Gospel – a Summary

Throughout the Bible, acceptable worship means approaching or engaging with God on the terms that he proposes and in the manner that he makes possible (p. 283). Man is called to serve God. He is also called to worship Him with honor and respect. This is not mandated by form, but rather purpose. It flows in and out of fellowship with others. As relationships are built with others God is worshiped.

God is worthy to be praised. We serve Him by praising Him. All glory and honor go to Him …because he is creator, lord of history, and judge of all (p. 283). Everything goes to Him because He gave us everything. He has taught us to how to worship Him. He has demonstrated how to worship through the system He created. Christ cannot be replaced in the system. To do so would mean idolatry.

Christ is the central theme to Scripture. He serves as the focal point for believers. Central to New Testament teaching is the insistence that Christ’s death is the ultimate sacrifice, provided by God to cleanse his people from defilement of sin… (p. 285). What Christ did on the cross is as important as to who we are in Christ. It serves as the center point for the history of mankind.

This chapter served to summarize the book. There really wasn’t anything new in this chapter.

I have learned that Christ served God by be the sacrifice for us.


Peterson, David. Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship. Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. 1992.


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