What Is Authentic Worship?

Authentic worship can only be in Christ. It is not driven by a liturgy or a call to worship, a change in style or a methodology (p. 27). Here the author is giving credit where credit is due. God deserves our praise because He is who He is. When we worship God with a pure heart we are saying that it comes from God and nothing else. Traditions wage the biggest war against authentic worship. Churches are filled with traditions. Unfortunately, those who do want to worship God with authentic worship are thought of to be a bit weird or strange.

Living by faith means worshiping by faith, and worshiping by faith means living by faith. The two are a seamless continuum (p. 28). This is a worship lifestyle thought. A God worshiper should have a lifestyle of worship. Their life should be an example of holiness. Believing in God is not enough; rather a believer should live out their belief. The lifestyle of worship should be seen and noticed by others. Others around should know that something is different about the worshiper living by faith.

In this chapter, the author makes a few observations about authentic worship. The author describes authentic worship and all that comes with hope and love. There should be an outpouring that is continuous and sacrifice should be living. The author writes, The beauty of holiness for a continuing worshiper is nothing less than purity of heart …(p 40-41).

In today’s age many people are looking for true worshipers. Many churches have empty pews. Many churches are filled with believers who have lost their hope. They have forgotten what it means to be a continuous worshiper. They find a separation between work and faith. God calls believers to live lives completely sold out. I think the church should go back to its purpose of worshiping God rather than worshiping everything else.

I have grown up in the church and I am heart broken to have worked with staff members in ministry that have lost their way. They forgot what it means to be a continuing worshiper. I must admit that I too have lost my way at times. However, I knew I needed an attitude adjustment in ministry. I needed to be back in a place where I could be forgiven and relearn what it means to be a continuing worshiper.

I have learned to refocus my eyes on Christ and worship Him alone.


Best, Harold M., Unceasing Worship. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press. 2003


One thought on “What Is Authentic Worship?

  1. arm5

    Yes this is right on the money. Where have the true worship pets gone.i believe that so many wants to be entertained that’s why we don’t worship like we should.


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