Mutual Indwelling: The Final Geography of Worship

Knowing about the Bible does not guarantee that I can think biblically – in the Bible. Applying scriptural truth does not depend on scriptural memory as much as thinking and acting in the truth …(p. 49). In order to think and act in truth means that I have bought into the belief and change has occurred. It is much like buying a product and never using it when it is brought home from the store. Another thought, is thinking about the high wire act at the circus. The belief that the wire will hold the walker is one thing, but moving from the spectator seat to actually walking on the wire is much like living out biblical truths.

In Christ, we are members of one another. We not only worship, serve and participate together, we do so with each other, even in each other, even as we are commonly in Christ (p. 52). Unity to the body of believers should set the church apart from other religions, but Christianity if made up of divided denominations! Christ came to serve His followers, but almost 2,000 years have gone by without many followers serving each other.

It is with this full promise that we are to go to the place called church and to the necessary times of corporate gathering (p. 57). The Christian is called to gather with other believers. The one-hour service that takes place every Sunday at eleven-o’clock is the most segregated hour America’s week. It is a poor representation of unity in Christ. It is an hour that does not reflect the truth of Scripture. When the church figures that out then the full power will be given.

This chapter really got me going. I love the church. I have given my life to Her. I love serving God, but have found it difficult to serve with those I have served with. I love the people of God, but find it extremely grueling to work with fellow staff members. I am a servant and have a servant’s heart. It mostly comes from watching my parents serve the church. Since taking the baton of faithful service, I have been disgusted to the point of physical sickness from working with other believers.

It is still my desire to serve God. I want to serve Him for the rest of my life. I love worshiping God. I desire to worship God with other believers who desire the same. I want to be with a congregation who cares more about God than they do their traditions. I see traditions to be compared to cancer. Cancer kills. I have seen people die from lung cancer because they refused to give up smoking. Some churches could die because from their traditions.

I have learned that I need to worship God in unity with other believers.


Best, Harold M., Unceasing Worship. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press. 2003


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