The Corporate Gathering and Authentic Worship

Christians should be as delighted in the things of sight and sense as God Himself, when at the instant of every creational act, he declares goodness to be observable, enjoyable and usable (p. 59). As followers of Christ, Christians should find delight in the things of creation. They are not to be worshiped. However, creation should bring the worshiper closer to the Creator. He has created all things and found satisfaction in them. Believers need to thank God for all He has created.

Christians need to stay in God’s light. They need to keep their focus on the Lord. The moment Christians begin to be suspicious of the temporal and to withdraw into a vaporous world of ungrounded piety, they begin to miss the wholeness of spirituality and the fullness of mutual indwelling (p. 59). Christians need to stay connected to God. They need to stay in community with one another in view of the Father.

To an authentic worshiper, any thought about liturgical or artistic or environmental ‘aids’ to worship should be seriously questioned. The only aid to worship is the Lord himself (p. 61). Many believers have replaced Christ at the center and worshiped other things that should lead to the Lord. Proper worship puts Jesus at the center and everything else is subject to Him.

As a worship leader, I have put music at the center of my life. I know churches that have done the same. The best way to find this out is to visit with church members after a church service and ask them how they liked worship and they will usually respond that music was good or bad. It has been tough being in the middle of music wars. It is also difficult to be in leadership and have all the arrows shot at you.

Coming together in unity means that Christ is made the center and style does not matter. When this happens the congregation is filled with power. When the power of the Holy Spirit comes down upon a congregation then lives are changed. People no longer focus on their differences, but rather on who brings them together. When a body of believers truly worships God that congregations find God’s Spirit dwelling in and among them.

I have learned to make Christ the center of my worship.


Best, Harold M., Unceasing Worship. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press. 2003


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