Worship and Witness: The Indivisible Task of Continuous Outpouring

In this chapter, the author has changed gears and started focusing on the worshipers witness. Properly understood, a theology of worship should reform, if not re-create, our often isolated ideas of evangelism and mission (p. 77). Many believers have isolated ideas of more things than how the church should evangelize and to missions. Many need a clear definition of missions and evangelism. Worship gatherings can do just that.

The author defines the worship as, Just as worship is a continuous outpouring of all that I am, all that I do and all that I can ever become…(p. 77). He then compares it to the word witness. He writes, … so witness is both a general and a specific out-toward and outpouring testimony that verifies this. The believer’s witness should be an outgrowth of their worship life. The witness is to the world and worship is to God. When believers come together to worship their witness is bring unsaved people to salvation. The Holy Spirit can then do His work in a person’s life.

The author defines the role of a Christian. He writes, Christian witness is an ambassadorial action, and sometimes a blunt confrontation, between continuous outpourers, one right side up, the other upside down (p. 85). The Christian’s life is for bringing others to God. The witness is for unbelievers. God’s work is done through the believer’s lifestyle if they are true worshipers.

Properly understood, a theology of worship should reform, if not re-create, our often isolated ideas of evangelism and mission (p. 77). This is a huge statement. This statement alone could make a difference in the church today. If Christians actually lived in a way that brought others to God then the Gospel would be complete. Often it is hard to distinguish between a believer and non-believer.

The Christian’s life should reflect God’s work. God’s masterpiece is on display when the true worshiper lives the way God intended them to live. There is a real problem when Christians mingle in with the world and becomes of the world. The world needs to be drawn to God working through individuals. The Holy Spirit can manifest Himself in the believer’s life if that individual lets Him. Our lifestyle of worship should be bringing people to God; not forcing them away.

I have learned that my witness is based on how I worship the Lord.


Best, Harold M., Unceasing Worship. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press. 2003


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